Pool Remodeling

What Goes Into A Remodeling Pool?

The pandemic we are all experiencing today has changed our lives indefinitely. With most of your time spent at home, you’d want to make the most of it. Major home renovations become popular, including pool remodeling.

Since going out to water parks and resorts will put you at risk of getting infected, why don’t you just revamp your backyard and remodel your pool? If you bought a new home and you’re not satisfied with the pool, it has defects and requires major repairs, or it just looks outdated, then what you need is a pool remodeling project.

The Process of Pool Remodeling

When Should You Start Remodeling Your Pool?

You have to understand that during the remodeling process you won’t be able to use your pool. Therefore, it’s best if you start the project during the fall or winter season. So that once it’s done, you can enjoy it for summer! It makes a lot of sense if you schedule your remodeling wisely.

Why Do You Need To Remodel Your Pool?

There are tons of reasons why you should consider remodeling your pool. It could be you’re no longer happy with the existing features of your pool and you want to replace them, or you want to upgrade and add more.

Some of the signs that you need to remodel your pool is if it has a leak, the plumbing, filter, and the pump may be outdated, your pool’s style and design are obsolete, your lights, tiles, and decking are worn out, you have enough budget to add luxury features or your need a bigger pool to accommodate your growing family.

What Can You Add To Your Pool?

Most pool remodeling projects include features like

  • Adding a spa
  • Changing the shape into something more unique or eccentric
  • Changing the floor of your pool by switching your boring and ordinary tiles to mosaic tiles that give your pool more appeal and character
  • Adding a water feature like a waterfall
  • More lighting or putting up a slide if you have kids.

When you add these features to your pool it will make you appreciate it even more and you’ll be proud to invite family and friends over. If you ask pool experts, they’d tell you remodeling your pool is a good idea especially if the materials are already old and worn down. Remodeling your pool will keep your pool safe to use and will spare you from costly renovations in the future.

Do You Need Pool Remodeling Services?

If you need professional assistance in remodeling your pool, you can count on us. Century Pool Service has been in the swimming pool business since 1972. We offer various pool services that will help you achieve the swimming pool of your dreams.

We are a family-owned and operated business with over four decades of experience. We are licensed, registered, and fully insured in the state of Florida. Contact us to learn more about what we do.